Rethunk Junk by Laura Resin Paint

Our fabulous Rethunk Junk by Laura Resin Paint is now better than ever. No sanding, priming, or waxing!  Incredible adhesion and maximum durability!  Dries from the inside out for faster cure time.  Stronger weather resistance for outdoor use,  smooth finish and Low VOC!   Super Safe and Eco-Friendly!

IOD Transfers

IOD Décor Transfers are a little delicate, need a little extra care, but are so worth it. With a little instruction, they are easy to use and add instant style to your projects.

IOD Stamps

For anyone who hasn’t used the IOD Décor Stamps, they are essentially what they sound like. A stamp. Similar to a stamp that you might’ve used as a child- but magical. The IOD Décor Stamps have the power to transform an item that you found on the side of the road to an item that you will have to convince your husband you didn’t spend your entire monthly budget on.  Yeah, that’s good.

IOD Moulds

The IOD Décor Moulds are made from food-safe materials (do not use the same set for food and crafts), and can be used to transform and create baked goods, furniture, soaps, jewelry, and just about anything you can think up in that creative brain of yours.





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